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C2Hosting is back with a new look and
even more services to help your business grow

Your Origin Services Partner, Multi-Petabyte Scalable Storage Systems, CDN Delivery, PCI Compliance, and a Smile.
C2Hosting provides fast reliable, friendly, and superior service. Allowing you to focus on delivering YOUR content to your customers no matter the platform or device.
Our nonlinear digital service platform Media i/o provides a centralized data storage and application processing platform that provides bininear control and security
of your media assets.

We hell businesses connect with their customers.
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Network &
Data Center

  • High Availability Tier 1 Bandwidth
  • 24/7/365 NOC/Engineering Staff Available
  • High Performance 40+ POP CDN
  • Geo loadbalanced East & West Coast Data Centers
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Origin Services
& Storage

  • Non-linear based multi-Petabyte Storage
    Cluster for Media high speed media delivery
  • PCI Compliant Security Standards
  • 200 X the speed of FTP file ingress
  • Delivery through partnerships with all leading Content Delivery Networks
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